Diamond Gemstone 

The one who wears a diamond lives in luxury and naturally so, since the stone is expensive. A diamond must be given as a token of love or friendship; its power is lost if the stone is bought by the wearer. It is a widespread belief that a diamond can determine guilt or innocence and that it would glow if the accused was innocent.

Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Gemstones or Manik Gemstones is a naturally occurring Gemstone, which is a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). In terms of chemistry, Manik Gemstone is a mixture of Aluminum, Oxygen, Iron and Chromium.

Emrald Gemstone

The best of these gems of Mercury are a brilliant green, smooth .As preached by Vedic Astrology, Emerald Gemstone relates to the planet Mercury. It is extremely precious Gemstone and fine quality Emeralds are found in mines of Scotland and Zambia. Its color could be from light green to dim green.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire (Pushkaraj) is a yellow transparent stone that belongs to Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest and heaviest planet in the solar system and the teacher (guru) of gods. Jupiter is given the ministership among the assembly of nine planets.

Astrological gems

If you think that Blue Sapphire or Neelam is limited to September babies or natives of Capricorn and Aquarius, then, think again…! As a food for thought, in every individual’s birth chart there is a position for Saturn. Fortunately some may have Saturn in apt position and some may have it on wrong side.

Coral Gemstone

Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone is the mirror image of planet Mars. It is red and sindoori in color. Mars which is known as the lord of war and the captain of all the nine planets revolving in the universe. It is generally proposed to the natives of Aries and Scorpio ascendants.

Pearl Gemstone

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Gomedh Gemstone

The Gemstone of Rahu is Hessonite. This stone is also referred to as Gomedh, Gomedhak, Raju ratna and Ping Spatik. All the ill effects of Rahu in Horoscope can be remedied by wearing Gomed. The name 'Gomedh' is a sanskrit word which means 'of the color of the cow urine'.

Cat's Eye Gemstone

The name of Cat's Eye Stonehas come from the striking similarity of its physical appearance with a cat's eye. The stone can be identified with the striking beam of ray passing through its centre that gives it a look of being an exact replica of Cat Eyes Gems.

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